Defying Standardization: Creating Curriculum for an Uncertain Future

Friday, October 28th, 2016
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Tienken pulls back the curtain of misinformation surrounding the push to standardize the curriculum expectations for 56 million public school children. Defying Standardization provides a high-energy, passionate, and well-researched argument of what curriculum should and can be to facilitate the development of unstandardized skills and dispositions necessary to thrive in a globally connected society. Topics discussed include:

• International testing
• Global competitiveness
• Underlying foundations of standardization
• Developing unstandardized skills and dispositions in students
• Practical, evidence-based methods to create curriculum for an uncertain future

This book presents practical examples for how educators, students, and parents can defy standardization with locally developed, evidence-informed, and globally literate practices to facilitate the creation of customized curricula to develop well-rounded individuals and democratic citizens in a global community.


Chapter 1: One for All
Chapter 2: The Competitiveness Hoax
Chapter 3: Global Dominance
Chapter 4: Fatally Flawed Foundations
Chapter 5: Less Standardized for the Future
Chapter 6: Unstandardized Beginnings: Theory into Action
Chapter 7: Structure for the Long Term

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